Can not transfer files

When I plug my usb into my PC, and click on transfer files(MTP) nothing comes up on my PC, however it shows up on my PC when it is on transfer photos(PTP). What is the issue? Thank you!

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Your PC may not be recognizing an MTP device. Have you tried using a different USB port on your PC?

You may have to update the MTP drivers in your PC.

When you plug in your phone, look in Device Manager in your PC (go to Control Panel > Device Manager) for any device that has an ADB designation. It may be listed under Blu or perhaps even under "Portable Devices".

Check if there is a red cross or a yellow exclamation mark next to the entry.

If there is a red cross, right click on the entry and select enable from the drop down box and then see if it works.

If there is a yellow exclamation mark next to the entry, right click on the entry and the select Update Driver Software and then follow the prompts to install the software and then see if the phone is now recognized when it is plugged in using MTP

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Hello i have problem with blu studio touch(6.0 )

i checked my (device mgr )mtp it is updated / i plugged in blu phone to via pc(usb)

cannot view my files inside my blu phone . IT WORKED ABOUT 10 days ago. /SOMETIMES it says no pictures & videos ,but you cannot open that. Also before it opened up with setting on list of things to view ,like view files etc.

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Using a transferring app like ApowerManager and AirMore will be more helpful. You use WiFi to connect your phones with your computers through ApowerManager.

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