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Why doesn't my the screen work after screen replacement?

At first it worked fine when I replaced it. Turned it on and worked well. However, after a couple of minutes the screen went black. I can't see anything but the phone is on. When I plug it in I hear it and when I plug it into the computer iTunes will also read it. I have reconnected all the wires to make sure that a cable didn't come loose and still nothing. I don't know what to do

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You could have a defective replacement screen. Have you tried to re-install the original, presumably cracked screen? If the old screen works, then return the replacement screen to your supplier for a refund or exchange.

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having assumed the following;

-you disconnected the battery before the repair

-you did not damage the board with your drivers,

The following could be the issue.

- Soft reset. (Hold down power, and home button for 15 seconds, or until the device shows you an apple logo.)

- The backlight Disconnected. remove the small black sheet on the LCD Flex that connects to the backlight, and resolder the traces.

- The screen was a lemon, and went bad over time. (does happen)

- The screen wasnt manufactured to OEM standards, and overloaded your GPU. (This can be the screen has fried out, or the GPU damaged.

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Try the old screen, if that works you know the new screen is bad. If that doesnt work you have either blown a filter or the lcd driver chip or backlight driver chip depending on if you can actually see anything on the screen or not, or it its just no backlight.

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