Android tablet released in 2014. The Tagital T9X is a WiFi-enabled 9-inch touch screen device.

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My sim card is stuck in the body of the phone. How do I get it out

How do I get sim card out of the body of the tablet

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Are you sure that you have linked the correct device with your question?

The Tagital T9X is a tablet not a phone. To the best of my knowledge it doesn't have a SIM card and it uses WiFi for internet access not cellular.

If you are asking about the external SD Card, to remove it you have to push it into the device until you hear a click and it should spring back far enough for you to grab hold of it to remove it.

To insert it again (it only goes in one way - do not force it - it goes in smoothly) push it in until you hear a click and it will stay locked in.

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