Which components to turn a IBM x60 into a modern laptop?

The IBM X60, the first and best laptop I have had, has a 32-bits CPU (i686), 1.5 GB of RAM and a bit slow SATA I interface. It is a X60-1707.

I am looking for components so the upgrade will make it support:

  • 64-bits processors
  • 8 GB of RAM

Of course, I guess I will have to get through several difficulties :

  • physical dimensions and constraints (ports, fans and screws location...)
  • interface with existing hardware (LEDs, buttons,keyboard, USB ports...)

But I am only guessing since I have never done this before.

So I am asking the experts: which motherboard can fit in? May I have an Intel i3 ?


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Get a program called cpu-z from the cpuid website. I am very familiar with Intel's CPU lineup, new and old. Open snipping tool, and give me screenshots of the chipset and CPU tabs, and any others you may think relevant. I am very willing to help, but doing this would help me much with my task.

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I actually just recently upgraded my old laptop's processor so it could run 64 bit programs too. The only real only two reasons you need a 64 bit OS is because it can support more than 3 GB of RAM, and a small amount of programs only work on 64 bit. 64 bit actually supports hundreds of GB of RAM, but the CPU or chipset can still limit it. However, a 32 bit OS will not affect a SSD or anything else.

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The processor is the only thing that limits 64 bit capability, but your laptop may not support any 64 bit processors, so that is what I will have you check. Replacement of the processor should be pretty easy. Once you give me the information I need, I'll give you my answer in full.

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Thank you @pccheese, but you're only answering the 64-bits part of the question. I also want to get through the 3 GB limitation of the chipset, and be able to benefit from faster SATA versions. So I edit both question and title to lower the 64-bits part.

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@pccheese: Since the chipstet prevent from supporting more than 3GB of RAM and only supports SATA I (see Upgrade of Lenovo t60 processor with a 64 bit processor), I will need to change the motherboard too.

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It turns out that it is possible to upgrade the x60, but not to make it support 64-bits processors, 8 GB of RAM nor SATA III SSDs.

  • Indeed, RAM can be added up to 3 GB, the maximum supported by the x60's chipset. Chipset cannot be changed without changing the motherboard, since it constitutes the essential part of the motherboard. There are two slots for SO-DIMM (200-pin) DDR2 SDRAM. Buying two 2 GB of such RAM will be supported by the hardware. However, the chipset will only use 3 GB.
  • Processor cannot be changed without changing the motherboard, since it is soldered to the motherboard.
  • The SATA controller is a SATA I controller. Since the controller is soldered to the motherboard, it cannot be changed without changing the motherboard. However, replacing the old and slow 5400 rpm 40 GB hard drive with a SSD even on SATA I should be a great benefit in performance.

Unfortunately, as @pccheese says, it is very unlikely that any other motherboard would fit in that laptop. To many design factors, which all change through the years such as position of screw wholes, CPU not going in correct spot in relation to cooler, RAM door out of alignment, and many other important factors too. So replacing the motherboard is not an option.

So 2 more GB of RAM and a SSD is the best we can do on this laptop.

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Good Answer- Get this ram. I used it on my laptop and it worked perfectly.


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