The OP-1 is a portable music workstation incorporating a synthesizer, sampler, sequencer, multitrack recorder, drum machine, mixer and controller.

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Why does the lower half of my keyboard not trigger?

Hello. The lower half of my keyboard on op1 is not working. Also my USB port has pushed through housing. Does anyone know how I can fix it or where I can have it fixed? Thank you


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Non-working, or intermittently working keys are most likely due to a glitch in the connection between the OP-1 Keyboard and the rest of the unit. If you want to try to fix this yourself then we suggest that you follow this guide. Basically start by removing the keys to uncover the screws, unscrew and lift the keyboard module, then remove and reinsert the connectors. Sometimes this resolves the issue, at least temporary, and a keyboard replacement is not needed. Good luck!

Please note: You will void any remaining warranty by doing this.

OP-1 Keyboard 이미지


OP-1 Keyboard


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