Model A1285 / 8 or 16 GB capacity

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charge port replacement on iPod

can i replace my charge port on my ipod nano 4th generation

Update (01/20/2017)

is it hard to do? and where could i get a charge port

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You can if you feel like soldering, it is soldered to the logic board.

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good guy to get infomation from

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@bassproshopper you could get them from eBay or Chinese sites like dhgate. I would say just bring it to someone but if you are confident in your soldering you can do it yourself.

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who shall i take it to. how much would it be

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@bassproshopper I dont know the price, but you could take it to @jessabethany at iPad Rehab.

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Can I assume that means every pin on the replacement port is soldered separately?

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