Samsung Droid Charge는 1GHz "Hummingbird" 프로세서를 장착한 Android 스마트폰입니다.

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Can charger port in phone be fixed

Pins got bent inside. Where to get fixed

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Take it to a professional at any electronics store. I would assume it could be fixed, but sometimes things don't work out for the better.

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What if you can't get to an electronics store?

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Hi there. im a mobile electronics technician, and i am happy to inform you of two great things!

1) YES! it is very much repairable,

and 2) The part itself is rather inexpensive, so if you are planning to do it yourself, it will not be costly!.

that being said, the repair is SMT. which means pins are soldered to the surface of the board, with concentrated hot air, and if you do not have experience with this repair type, then you are looking at a struggle of a learning curve, in order to do it, as well as some costs in the equipment. a good quality technician usually charges around 80-100$ for this repair type.

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