Mackie CR4: balance makes no difference when adjusted, CR3 won´t power


I wonder if someone here can please help me.

I purchased a set of Mackie CR4BT studio monitors and a pair of Mackie CR3 studio monitors. The CR4BT active monitor works but the passive one won´t. And adjusting the balance on my computer seems to make no difference. i.e, left/right or center the active speaker stays on (and plays music)

And the Mackie CR3 monitors just won´t power on at all.

I´ve tried the plug fuse, checked the cable, made sure the power switch is on but still no joy out of them.

The warranty is over so I have no problem opening them up, I just don´t know what I should be looking for

Please can someone offer me advice on these?

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With regards to the CR3 speakers.

If you have access to a DMM (Digital Multimeter) by using the Ohmmeter function you can test the continuity of the power feed from the AC cord plug to the power board.

With the power cord removed from the power outlet, connect the Ohmmeter test leads to the 2 power pins of the plug (not sure if you have a 2 pin or 3 pin plug - the 3rd pin is the earth pin). Switch on the On/Off switch on the speaker and check if the meter displays a reading at all. (try the various scales in case it is high resistance).

If no reading is displayed there is a problem from the plug, through the switch and onto or in the board.

You will have to open them up and inspect the connections and circuit boards from the power cord in, doing point to point testing with the meter.

DMMs suitable for what you want to do are available from most larger hardware stores from $10 and up.

If you prove the wiring all the way to the board and then cannot go any further, check the board for obvious sings of physical damage or electrical problems, such as burnt out, heat stressed components or dry joints. Take close up pictures of suspected problems (or even of the power board in general) and post back here more more help.

With regards to the CR4BT.

You will have to do the same (inspecting the internal connections and boards that is) as the power seems to be OK.

Adding images to an existing question

''Be safety aware - always have the power disconnected completely as long as the speakers are open!''

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