A low cost converter by Access HD enabling analog TVs and “digital ready” TVs to receive off-air UHF and VHF digital television signals.

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Can I rescan the channels without a remote

Family channels on my RCA digital converter with no remote

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Unfortunately the answer is NO.

The only way to program the converter is by either using the dedicated remote control or obtaining a universal remote control unit which states that it supports your particular model converter. (By using the appropriate code in the universal remote it essentially becomes a dedicated remote).

You might also look on places such as Ebay to see if your particular model converter has a remote available.

Bit confused as to whether you have an AccessHD converter or an RCA converter so selected AccessHD,( as you showed both in the question area). If you have a RCA converter just search Ebay for (your model converter) remote control unit to find results

Here is a link that shows a lot of remote control units for AccessHD converters. As you didn't state your particular model I couldn't find the exact one. Just scroll through to find your particular converter and then the remote that works with it. If there is more than 1 available select the one that suits you best.

This is not a recommendation to use any of the sellers listed. It is shown to give an idea of what is available and how much it costs.


Hopefully this is of some help.

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