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Why is my SD storage not excepting data

My SD storage 1 will not take my updates says not enough space.

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I'm guessing that your SD storage 1 is actually the name for the internal storage area.

By default Android OS downloads to the internal storage area.

Have you got an external (removable) SD card installed?

If so try and move some of your data and downloaded apps to the external SD Card to free up space in the internal storage area.

Since you do not state the model number of your tablet, I'm not sure if this is the correct place but go to Settings > Apps (or Apps management or similar) tap to enter and then swipe the screen sideways until Downloaded appears at the top of the screen (there is also All, Running etc.) When you have found it scroll down and tap to enter on each app and check if there is a Move to SD card option. If so tap on option and follow the prompts. If the option is greyed out it means that it cannot be moved as the app developer has not given this permission when the app was created. Do not be tempted to go to the All apps list and move app to free up more space as you will cause problems if you accidentally move system apps

Also to move your data, check in your installed apps whether there is a File manager type app. Use this to create new folders in the external SD Card and then move your data (e.g. pictures, personal files etc to the external SD Card

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Thanks, it was a quick fix

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