Why is my monitor freezing and glitching out?

Hello! This is a relatively new laptop, so I am very concerned as to why this is happening. I am also concerned that this is a problem with the physical laptop itself. But maybe there is a solution, so here it goes.

It is an Acer Aspire F5-571 with Windows 10

Sometimes, at completely random times and for no discernible reason, the monitor will either flicker with a different color and has a bunch of vertical lines, OR the display will freeze and I have to physically hold the lid of the laptop in a certain position in order for it to show me what's really going on on the screen. I know it isn't freezing because if I type something or move the mouse during one of its episodes, when I jolt it back to reality, whatever I've typed is there.

Please help!

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Connect an external monitor and check what its' display is like.

If it stays stable then you could have a faulty video flex cable between the motherboard and the LCD screen, faulty or loose video cable connections at either end (motherboard or LCD screen) or a faulty LCD screen.

Holding the lid at a certain angle might indicate that it could be a problem with the video cable where it passes through the hinge area to get from the case to the lid, but it could also be the act of your handling it putting pressure on the lid (screen) that may be a factor.

When you say that it is relatively new, how new? Acer normally provides a 12 month warranty on their laptops.

If yours is not yet 12 months old, verify the purchase date on the sales receipt (or other proof of purchase document) and if the warranty period is still valid, consult the warranty statement, (usually found in the documentation that came with the laptop), as to what to do to make a claim for a warranty repair or replacement. If you cannot find the information search online for Acer warranty, as what to do when making a claim might vary from country to country

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