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Repair guides and disassembly information for laptops manufactured by ASUS.

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Computer screen blank out

Ok, so the past month or so my asus laptop has been experiencing some black out screens. This typically happens everytime I log on, like immediately once I log on, the screen turns black. Then, I have to close it and open it again. It also happens at random, and could happen multiple times in a row. The screen doesnt completely turn black, you can tell its on. For example, if im watching a video and the screen blanks, the video keeps playing. Also, i noticed that If i adjust the screen position, it also blanks out, even if it is the slightest movement(it just blanked when i was typing this).

is this a battery problem?

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Same problem.

My laptop is dell inspiron 5559

my laptop asus x540s same problem

I got this computer *last week* so the battery had better not be failing. It is striking to me that so many people are reporting the same problem. What’s going on??

I have the same problem with my X455Y/ I had to buy a new computer. Lenovo this time.

Some wires on my friends Asus screen has been cut off because of accident then the screen just suddenly blacks off!!!!how can I fix this!!! Pls help me I don't have some money to repay them!!!plss

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When the screen blacks out, shine a torch at an angle close to the screen to see if you can detect if a display is still there. It will be dim but a darkened room will help.

If you can see the display you most probably have a backlight problem.

This can be caused by (depending on laptop model, you didn't say what model you have) a faulty backlight power inverter, faulty backlight power cable, faulty lid switch, faulty video cable or faulty screen.

If you cannot see the display with a torch, connect an external monitor to the laptop and check its' display when the laptop's screen blacks out.

If the external monitor display stays on, then you either have a faulty video cable, faulty video cable connections at either end (motherboard or screen) or a faulty screen.

If the external monitor display also turns off then you have a faulty GPU or motherboard (which is basically the same thing as the GPU most probably is mounted directly onto the motherboard.

Update (02/28/2017)


If you can still 'see' the display when the screen goes black it indicates that there is a problem with either the voltage level of the power supply to the backlighting going intermittently faulty or that somehow the connections supplying the power are going more resistive (as best as I can determine the power from the backlighting is supplied from the motherboard and not a separate inverter board in the laptop).

Just wondering if it could perhaps also be a problem with the software control of the backlighting. When the screen dims have you tried pressing Fn + F6 together to see if you can increase the brightness at all?(Fn + F5 dims the screen)

Here is a link to a webpage that shows how to dis-assemble the laptop. It may help if you wish to see if there is anything obvious such as a loose video cable connection etc on the motherboard Unfortunately it doesn't show how to dis-assemble the lid to view the screen end.


As I cannot find a service manual online, without a schematic diagram it will be difficult to ascertain where exactly the problem is. It may be that you will have to contact a reputable, professional laptop repair service and ask for a quote to repair the laptop

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You can still see a small display(light) when it blanked, even in light.

ASUS Q550LF 15.6in. (1TB, Intel Core i7 4th Gen., 1.8GHz, 8GB) Notebook/Laptop - Black - Q550LF-BBI7T07 . This is my laptop.

Did you ever get a solution? I am having the same problem with my laptop (same model)? Please advise.

It could also be a driver issue. My client recently had ATI Radeon graphics driver version 8, but another software install claimed it needed to be upgraded. The latest recommended was version 15.x. During the install, the screen went dim. External monitor was ok. Reverted back to previous driver version, screen was again visible. I hate device drivers.

Ok so I have a asus q502l it turns on and goes to the login in page once I sign in. It black, the backlight is on and I can see my mouse pointer moving around on the screen but nothing else! Can I get some help!

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I fixed this problem recently. The laptop screen was very dark, yet I could see everything on an external monitor (hdmi cable in this case) and if I used my lamp on the phone close to the screen, I could see everything.

I simply pulled out the battery cable, turned off the computer, then held the start button for 30 seconds (despite starting, keep it in, it will shutoff the computer after a while, and keep counting to 30 seconds from the starting point). Your battery should be empty by now. Attach the battery cable to the computer, and start the computer again.

I have no clue why it works, but it for sure saved me couple of dollars which the computer technician 100% would steal from me, worth to mention included a new part eg inverter.

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Hi, I have Asus ux360uak and the same backlight issue. Any time shut down or sleep mode I have to press 30 sec button. It worked for only 1 day, 6-7 times sleep mode and every time 30 sec start button. Does anybody have solution?

My TP550L will not run the display on battery alone, the screen is dark but can be seen using my phone light. A external display on the HDMI connection works fine, any suggestions.

You saved me from buying a new laptop unnecessarily or installing drivers or other complex unnecessary steps! Thank you for posting this solution.

Thanks brother. But did you find what caused the problem?

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Anyone who uses a computer or a computer understands the meaning of this "white screen", but there are also a few people who use computers that do not know enough about this white screen. How can a normal computer produce a white screen? Is the quality of the screen or the graphics card damaged? Will it happen if the LCD screen and the motherboard connection line are not contacted frequently? Why do some notebooks occasionally white screen? How can we determine the meaning of the white screen? With these questions, the author will give a detailed answer to the meaning of the white screen and the killer who produced it.

First of all, the white screen is our term in the maintenance industry. The boot lamp can be lit, the screen is blank and the boot screen is not displayed, but the sound of entering WINDOWS can be heard. Everyone needs to know what is considered a white screen and whether the white screen is connected to the graphics card during use. Just connect the computer and the PC monitor to see if the monitor display is normal (generally, there is a port for an external PC monitor at the back of the computer).

If the PC monitor display and the notebook screen display are both white, the possibility of damage to the graphics card is higher. The graphics card of the notebook computer is divided into two groups of synchronous signal output, one for the LCD screen and the other for the display port, so the best way to test whether it is connected to the graphics card is to connect the PC monitor.

Today, the customer sent for repairs to Lenovo's LEGEND S300, which failed to turn on the white screen. According to the customer's understanding, the screen will flicker occasionally. When the flicker is severe, the flicker will be eliminated by restarting the computer. I feel that it does not affect the operation so I have not paid attention to it.

But one day when I turned it on again, the screen went blank and I only heard the sound of entering WINDOWS. I suspected that it was the contact problem. reference.

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This is the information I was searching for and found it here. nice answer.

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Hi @ Phil Amos,

It appears that the battery is failing and needs to be replaced. The laptop’s power management system is prioritising the power distribution in the laptop and probably turning off the backlight to the display to ensure that other functions are still being maintained.

Even rechargeable batteries have a life span

Here’s a link to a video that shows how to replace the battery in your laptop.

If you decide to do this, ensure that you disconnect the battery as soon as you can safely and easily access the battery connector, (as per the video 1:50 minutes in), because even though the laptop is turned OFF there is still power available to various sections of the motherboard and you don’t want to cause any electrical problems if you accidentally slip while working with tools on the motherboard when removing the battery. Mechanical mishaps are another problem ;-)

Replacement batteries are available online. Just search for Asus TP550L battery to get results for suppliers of the part. Alternatively use the battery number printed on the battery and search online using the battery number only in the search box of your browser.

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Hi there, I'm an IT Technician for a school. While I was upgrading the computer/laptop I discovered that the backlight is no longer working after upgrading, and when the laptop is disconnected from charging power the screen goes black but when I put it on charger power the screen comes back on (backlight is working).

Brand name :Asus VIVO Book

Model number: X540B NOTEBOOK PC

Processor: AMD A4

@Enhlangwini School

Check the status of the battery by creating a battery report.

Compare the "Design Capacity" value versus the "Full Charge Capacity" value in the report.

In a good battery the values should be the same or very close.

If the battery seems faulty search for 0B110-00390300 to find suppliers that suit you best.

Also, just verifying that you removed or disconnected the battery from the laptop before doing any upgrades?

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Generally, People get blank screen on the notebook due to the few things.

  1. Faulty RAM.
  2. Processor issue.
  3. So first of all, you should Replace the ram and then turn on the laptop. Let’s see do you see any display or not. if you don’t see any laptop.
  4. Now you need to clean the processor. for more information you can visit: how to fix asus laptop black screen problem.

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disable the digitizer/touchscreen and the issue will not come back. device manager/human interface drivers/touch screen.. took me a month of troubleshooting; but Finally… Jerry eTech Solutions

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This seems plausible explaination. Let me see

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In my experience this issue is due to the screen cable becoming disconnected when the screen is opened.

To prove this, open the screen only a little and turn on the laptop.

Now open the laptop further and the screen will turn off.

The screen can be turned back on by using the relevant key board shortcut.

If the screen is still open then it will immediately turn off.

Lower the screen to form an acute angle with the keyboard and try the keyboard shortcut again, the screen will remain on.

The issue therefore is that the power supply to the screen from the motherboard is becoming detached as the screen moves from an acute angle to an obtuse angle relative to the keyboard.

This can be remedied by opening the computer using a torx screwdriver and placing an object such as as a ball of duct tape on the motherboard over the screen’s serial data cable to prevent it from lifting off the motherboard as the screen is opened.

The reason that the login screen is visible is that it draws less power than the desktop or browser window, as the cable remains partially attached it can supply sufficient power for the login screen yet the bright white of a browser window can not be powered.

Disappointing on ASUS’s behalf, the cable should secure to the motherboard via another method, the current design is not fit for purpose.

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My Asus K52 isn’t the youngest anymore, but still works fine with a SSD. Since I installed win 10 there is something strange going on with te screen.

If disconnecting the laptop from mains the backlight switches of. Connecting the power again and the backlight switches on again.

I found in the device manager under Batteries: Microsoft ACPI Compliant control Method Battery.

If I disable this driver, the backlight acts normal. I just can't see the status of the battery. Not really a problem. I can enable Microsoft ACPI Compliant control Method Battery to see the status of the battery an disable Microsoft ACPI Compliant control Method Battery again.

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My brand new ASUS tuf gaming laptop had this issue right out of the box, and there was nothing wrong with the battery or the wiring or any of the dire issues above - I found a fix that made sense on another forum that came from Best Buy techs and worked instantly for me. It is an issue with an obscure screen refresh alteration setting in the Intel Graphics Control Panel accessible under I in the start menu stuff (NOT in Windows control panel or the video card’s). You need to go to the battery settings link there and disable the one that auto-lowers the screen refresh rate if the power situation changes (ie switching to battery), and the problem goes away.


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Hi Colin, my son's laptop using AMD not Intel. Can you give us an advice? Thank you...

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