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Electronic start button start

My kenmore dishwasher had electronic panel start. I sometimes have to push the start 1 time but sometimes 30 times to start. Solutions????

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Seems as though you have a faulty start button, not making good electrical contact.

You may not be able to conclusively prove this though, by trying to test the button for continuity with an Ohmmeter because it may be in a sealed panel and also possibly it could be like a computer keyboard and there is a matrix arrangement which identifies the key. This system is used to reduce the number of wires needed to the control board. This makes it hard to identify the individual key. You could try through trial and error to see if you can though. Just ensure that the power is disconnected from the dishwasher and that you disconnect the cable between the control panel and the control board when you test back into the control panel cable with the Ohmmeter

Use the model number of the dishwasher to search online for a replacement control panel i.e Kenmore (insert model number) parts and then select the supplier that suits you best.

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