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Why does my phone keep turning off by itself?

Phone keeps turning off randomly when in use or doesn't even have to be in use. Also my earpiece and speaker sounds extremely low, I have the volume turned up as high as possible but that hasn't help the problem.

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my phone keeps on turning off by it self then

I get MAD!!!!

I have to turn it on then goes back off again

does itall the time how do I fix it

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When I lock my screen with the sleep/wake button(power button) it turns off then doesn’t want to turn back on for hours

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My cellphone keeps on turning off by itself ever since I started inserting an sd card in it.

Everytime I turn it on , it goes back off again.I already formatted my phone but its no use it keeps on turning off again.

Please tell me how to fix it.

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I have an iPhone SE, I’ve had it since late May of 2017, and this is the first time my power button was shut off randomly. It’s like someone is always pushing it down, and so when I try to press the home button it takes a screen shot. Also when I turn off my phone, it keeps flashing on and off over and over. I’ve tries powering it off, but it only stays off for like 12 seconds util I powers on again. Then it powers itself off again. And on again.

Any way I can get help?

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westc2010 , Before throwing any parts at your Blu phone try a factory reset as it may solve your issue. Try the reset procedure below or go to the Link below and select your exact model (you will lose all stored data by doing a factory reset).

-Power off the device or If unable to power off, remove and reinsert the battery.

-Hold the volume down key + power key for 15/20 seconds and then release.

-Press the volume down key 3 times and select delete all user data by pressing the power key.

-Scroll down to and select Yes – delete all user data.

-The device will reboot and display the recovery screen.

-Select Reboot system to restart the handset.

Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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my phone doesn't have a removable battery though. ((its a samsung galaxy note 5))

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my phone doesn't have a removable battery though

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a phone can shut off on itself for many reasons.

Battery failure

Software locking up

Modular component overheating

Motherboard overheating.

it would require a technician to physically diagnose it to give you a more precise answer

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My blu 4.5 star design was shutting off and rebooting...guees what it was the battery,ordered ebay, bluphoneparts didnt have in stock. Phone works fine now.


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It also would shut off and NOT,start up until i plugged in the charger. Thats how i got itworking before the new battery

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My BLU phone was rebooting all the time.

I noticed the battery was moving around in the back of the phone.

I am a swimmer and I use silicone ear plugs to keep the water out of my ears.

You can buy these at any pharmacy.

I stuck one of these ear plugs between the battery and my case.

And the battery stopped moving around inside the phone case.

And that solved the problem.

Uncle G

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my blu phone shuts off and on all the time constantly the battery does not come out what can I do with this

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