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no front facing camera?

i just replaced my screen on my iPhone SE, and while the camera app does open and the rear camera works, the front camera is just black? I can press the shutter button but it will not take a picture. do i need to replace my camera or is there something wrong with the phone?

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Replace the front facing camera assembly, sounds like when you replaced it it was either broken or defective.

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thanks, but it is the camera that came from the iphone, i moved it over to the screen when i replaced it. it was working fine with the original screen. should i still replace it?

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First, did you check if the proximity and light sensor is working? They are on the same cable and if they do not work either it could be a faulty cable or connection.

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they are not working. is the connection bad in the cable or in the mainboard?

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In other words, I should probably replace the camera, correct?

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Yeah. If it was anything else it would be a logic board issue which is a bigger hassle to diagnose (one of the causes is a damaged front camera FPC connector on the logic board)

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