Help me identify this capacitor!

Block Image

I need to find out what this capacitor is and where to buy one. I believe it says J8 Ja

Thank you

Update (03/09/2017)

Block Image


@oldturkey03 @cam2363

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@nicmichielli give us more information about your board. what is the 820-xxxx number on it?

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@nicmichielli that number looks like the Magsafe Board not the logic board. Take another look at it. If you can post a larger image so we can see where the capacitor is located in relation to the complete board.

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@oldturkey03 looks like the logic board because you can see the usb ports right next to it

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@cam2363 you are absolutely right. Question here is, which one? There are a few different ones and it will help to find out which board and where the capacitor is locate in relation to the whole board. It will make it easier to answer the question and will help the next person that comes to iFixit looking for a similar part.

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@nicmichielli okay so your board is a 820-2936 EMC2419 and the part is reference designator C4696 which is a 220UF - 35mohm 6.3V 20% Poly-Tant capacitor in a Case-B2 package . These should work for you.

Remember that there is a reason why your cap looks the way it does. So you want to check things out for sure. The cap is part of your USB port power switch.

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@oldturkey03 I just got these in the mail yesterday and it works great! Thank you so much!

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@nicmichielli you are very welcome and glad it worked out for you.

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