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How to enter the service mode

Way to enter the service modem Toshiba

lcd 32hv10e

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bebohish13 try this

"Most Toshiba flat screen LCD and LED TVs use the mute button method for accessing the service menu. To access the menu, set the volume to minimum and press the "Mute" button twice on the remote control. Next hold the mute button down and press the "Menu" button on the TV set to launch the service menu. You can exit the service menu by turning off the TV set." from here If no luck with that you can always try this "Toshiba LCD Service Menu Code

Press the {MENU} button on the remote.

Highlight the "Picture" icon.

Press the {9} {3} {0} {1} buttons on the remote.

{OK} button will access/navigate through modes

{VOL +}, {VOL-}, {P+} & {P-} buttons move through options and change values

To exit, press the {MENU} button." from here

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