A lawn mower made by the American Company Toro

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How do I install a Injection pump

How do I bleed the injection line on a Toro Diesel engine

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jruss1964 what engine model is it? Toro uses Kubota and Mitsubishi diesels on some of their equipment.

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jruss1964 since I cannot be sure what engine model or equipment this is, here are the general descriptions for a Toro diesel


Under certain conditions, diesel fuel and fuel vapors are highly flammable and explosive. A fire or explosion from fuel can burn you and others and can cause property damage.

• Use a funnel and fill the fuel tank outdoors, in an open area, when the engine is off and is cold. Wipe up any fuel that spills.

• Do not fill the fuel tank completely full. Add fuel to the fuel tank until the level is 1 in. (25mm) below the bottom of the filler neck. This empty space in the tank allows the fuel to expand.

• Never smoke when handling fuel, and stay away from an open flame or where fuel fumes may be ignited by a spark.

• Store fuel in a clean, safety-approved container and keep the cap in place.

1. Park machine on a level surface, stop engine, and engage parking brake.

2. Release hood latch and open hood.

3. Loosen pipe connection to the No. 1 injector nozzle and holder assembly.

4. Move throttle to FAST position.

5. Turn ignition switch to START and watch fuel flow around connector. Turn key to OFF when solid flow is

observed. Tighten pipe connector securely to the injector nozzle.

6. Repeat steps on the remaining injector nozzles.

7. Close hood and secure latch.

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