The HTC EVO is a Smartphone by HTC powered by a 1-GHz Snapdragon processor and runs the Android operating system.

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How do you replace the front speaker/earpiece?

I had to replace the digitizer and LCD screen of my EVO and managed to transfer everything over except the front earpiece/speaker. It sits flush into a little space right behind the speaker grille, and I cannot pry it out for the life of me. Is it glued in?

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Did you check on here? HTC Evo 4G Rear Speaker Replacement Good luck

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댓글: shows you as well that it is just pushed/pressed in.

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No, that's for the rear speaker. I'm talking about the earpiece, the one mounted behind and above the logic board.

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Sorry about that. After having done more research on this (wow lots of people with trouble in that area) I found this site may be they can help you some more with this. From what I found out it is snapped in. Got that from a reseller on ebay who is selling those speakers. Best of luck to you.

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Thanks. For anyone else looking for the answer, the front speaker/earpiece is actually stuck in with double-sided tape, meaning it's nearly impossible to pry out without damaging the casing around it. My front housing was already effed, so I had to use pliers to twist the top part of the casing away before I could yank it out. If you don't want to damage your casing, I'd suggest just buying a replacement front speaker on eBay since they're <$10. I would have done this if my front housing wasn't already so messed up.

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That does appear to be glue holding the front speaker in place. A good heat gun on medium temperatures should do the trick. Use tweezers to kind of nudge it softly until it wiggles free. After that it should be fairly easy to use adhesive to place it on the replacement casing.

I'm a Sprint Service!

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No need for heat :). Just use a very small flathead and pry the ear piece from the top left hand side. Worked well for me. :)


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Tiffany - Your help around here would be greatly appreciated.

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