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sound from one speaker only

i have connected a new car stereo but the sound only comes out of one rear speaker i checked all the wire connections and colours what do i do now ?

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i have installed a new car radio but the sound come only from one rear speaker can you help

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Does the speaker buzz when you put your ear next to it? Any noise at all?

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What is the make and model number of the car stereo?

What is the year, make and model of the car?

Have you tried swapping the wires for the rear speakers at the output of the stereo, i.e. so that the 'non working' speaker is connected to the working speaker output and vise versa, to prove whether the fault is either in the wiring to the 'non working' speaker (or the speaker itself) or that the fault is in the output of the stereo?

If the fault moves with the swap to the other speaker the problem is with the stereo if it stays with the same speaker as before it is in the wiring to the speaker or the speaker itself.

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