A1708 / EMC 2978 — 2016년 10월 출시, 이 기본 레벨 MacBook Pro는 (OLED Touch Bar가 아닌) 기존의 function keys를 유지합니다. Function Keys 버전은 Intel Core i5 및 Thunderbolt 3 포트 2 개를 포함합니다.

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Can the wireless card be removed or "unplugged"?

Can the wireless/airport card be removed, "unplugged", or otherwise made unusable? I know it sounds weird, but I plan to use my MacBook Pro 2016 only for writing and other offline tasks (I have another laptop for net use). I got the MacBook Pro (non touch bar, 13 inch, 2016) because I love the apple system, the power and the memory, the 2nd gen butterfly keyboard, and the overall aesthetics, but want to permanently remove any possibility of internet connectivity - either through hardware or through software removal/modification (removing airport utility etc). I understand that doing so will invalidate the warranty, but would still like to know. Thanks!

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No there is only one wifi chip directly fused to the board.

If you don't want to use the wifi, just turn it off. There is no need for pointless hassles to just remove wifi.

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Thanks! I was hoping for a more permanent and irreversible solution via hardware or software modification, but you're right about the chip.

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