Samsung에서 제조한 Samsung Galaxy Note 5는 (Note5로 불림) 스타일러스를 탑재한 phablet/패블릿 스타일 휴대폰입니다, 2015년 8월 출시.

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Switched Carriers now phone is wookie

I switched from Verizon to Tmobile, since I've done that my Note 5 is running slow when I try to send or receive text messages. I can't receive MMS or group messages anymore. I tried downloading a new messaging app and the problem hasn't resolved. My daughter who has a LG G5 is having the same issues. When I try to open a text conversation it flashes a couple time will either take a minute to open or go back to home page. Any help is greatly appreciated, please.

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This has to do with the phones being verison and your carrier being T-Mobile Thats the video for your phone.

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It states I have a CDMA phone, won't work. Is there anything else I can do?

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Sometimes a phone will be locked to a specific network. This is usually when a phone is purchased through a carrier, or as part of a carrier plan. If this is the case, the device will not work on another network, even if its technology is fully compatible.

If your phone is locked to a carrier network, you will need to contact that carrier to request an unlock.

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