A compact version of the HTC One, released August 2013.

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Best way to maintain pressure to fix a broken ribbon cable?

Previously, I broken a LCD connector: Are LCD FPC connectors that fragile?

The result is that my screen was no longer displaying correctly.

However, I managed to make it work again. It seems to be a contact problem.

Block Image

To recover the use of the screen, I did not have to put pressure on the broken part of the connector where the pins are visible (it was ineffective), but rather on the black part of the ribbon cable just before the connector. It also works if I put pressure on the golden part below the black part.

I tweaked it using a tweezer, but now I would like to know how to maintain the pressure permanently in order to reassemble my smartphone?

I do not have very sophisticated equipment. I tried with duct tape but it did not hold it with enough pressure. I thought of glue, would it do the trick? Below the golden part is the battery, so electronic components should not be damaged.

I have already made a huge mistake once, I prefer to ask your opinion on the best way to solve my problem rather than make a mistake twice.

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There is honestly no really effective way to hold it down in complete honesty anything that you can use would only give you a temporary fix.

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ive fixed quite a few devices during my time, and have run into this problem a couple times.

The most effective way to maintain the pressure, is to take a smaller flex ribbon head than the one you are fixing, and file it down on the end to a round. (so it doesnt damage the connector further.) after which, you apply it on top of the one for the screen, shimming it into the connector. the new head needs to be just the right size. if you do not have access to this, then you can cut down one of a larger size. just be sure to properly file it.

You can also use this as an excuse to tinker with your SMT skills, and try replacing the connector. (this is the easier SMT product to replace over the ICs.

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