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Repair guides and teardowns for many Samsung older cell phones. This category is for phones not using an Android or Windows operating system.

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The Samsung SGH-F700 screen is cracked, correct spare part?

I am using a Samsung SGH-F700 i borrowed from my boss.

The screen (the most external plastic layer) cracked right in the middle without me to drop it or bumping into something, i think it was because of torsion in the pocket (i wasn't using the cover because it was impossible to feel the vibration).

Since the first crack, new cracks are popping every day, even if i'm using the cover!

Luckily the touchscreen is still working!

I have to give the phone back asap, i went all around town to ask for repair, but nobody want to fix it: the phone was bought in Italy, but i am in Namibia (Africa), where this phone was never sold. I'm located in the Capital.

I ask you if this spare part

is correct, so that i can try to fix it myself.

I'm doubtful because, as stated above, the touchscreen is working.


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Flavio, if it is the "outer layer" that is cracked, than this is the art that worked for my phone. This digitizer is the outer layer. Just make sure that you can feel the cracks and that it is not under your digitizer that the cracks are. But I would most certainly think that this is the part that would repair your bosses phone....Good luck.

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Yes, i can feel the cracks (it is still worsening! the top half part of screen is almost a web).

I had some sitbacks in the ordering process, but finally the Hong-Kong seller send it and looks it will be arriving for the 6th of jan.

You had the same phone or a different? I'm looking for a disassembly guide, i guess i will just have to unscrew the body after removing the back cover, but i'd like to be sure that is not even simpler (i.e.: the digitizer would be detachable with the tools from the front).

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