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Can material on computer be accessed by linking it to another computer

Our iBook G4 Model A1054 was being used on battery. By the time we realized the power cord would no longer go in - the machine had already went to sleep mode.

Now we have no way to power it up to turn it off. Will this harm the computer?

Is there some other way to turn it off?

Also, all my daughter's school project (due right after Christmas break)is on this machine.

Can we hook two computers together (with her's unable to be turned on) and get her schoolwork off it somehow?

We have no one else to ask about this.

Thank you.

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Your data should be just fine. But without power there is no way to access it. Surely she knows a friend with a AC adapter. Hooking two computers up via firewire is called "target mode" and works fine if you have power. It can be turned off by removing the battery. Radio Shack may have what you need although it would be over priced. The charger is pretty standard. Meanwhile, if you would give a description of what has happened to your charger we may be able to assist you.

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I was told that removing the battery erases the data on the machine. Is that an urban myth?

We hadn't ever really LOOKED at the charger unfortunately - just plugged it in.

Everything had been fine - then when I went to plug it in - it only goes in halfway now.

The little thing in the middle (on the machine where the charger connects)is now bent slightly and I think has a tip thing stuck in it, but I'm not sure.

I'm not sure which part (adapter or machine) is broken or if it's both.

Is there supposed to be a needle looking thingie sticking out of one of them (like on a tv cable)?

Which part is supposed to fit inside the other?

We're living on an Indian Reservation - not many computers here(to borrow a power cord adapter).

I thought they were specific for each machine or at least Mac vs PC.

Will a power adapter for a Dell Laptop work?

Also, I was told there's a part inside the computer that I'm supposed to know NOT TO TOUCH (while repairing) or it will electrocute me - even though it's unplugged.

If this is true, what part do I NOT TOUCH?

This is my first repair ever - so I don't know squat about anything.

I'm very grateful for your help as I don't have the money to buy another machine or take it somewhere to be repaired and my daughter's straight A's will vanish without her machine, because homework is done online.

(Also, I did read the formatting help to separate this into paragraphs, so it'd be easier to read, but when I used the equals signs they just showed up in the text as equal signs.)

Hi Robin, sorry to hear about your misfortune. Right off I like to say that I am not a Mac expert like mayer is, but I do have my fair share of PC experience. Ultimately I do NOT believe that removing the battery will remove your daughters assignment. That data should be stored on a hard drive that will retain the data despite the battery or even AC power. As for a part that could electrocute you, again I do not think so. You should never really touch all the parts in there because of static electricity coming off you might destroy parts in your computer. As for your power supply, it looks to me like you have a separate board inside your computer that might be needing to be changed. i attached some pictures and let us know if that looks like something on your iBook. Hope the real Mac Gurus can help you out faster than I can.

Your data is safe. Nothing will electrocute you. Don't plug it in while its open and you have already removed the battery to take it apart. There is no large stored charge to harm you. Keep your fingers off the logic board as you have no reason to touch it. When you get ready to work on it, find a quite place with good light, clean hands a wall electrical outlet and a computer capable of connecting to this site. Reach over and touch the center screw of the wall plate to discharge any static electricity your body may have. Go through the installation instructions a couple of times to familiarize yourself with what your going to do. The pictures oldturkey uploaded show what the parts should look like. Look at the bottom one and the tip of the plug in. Does yours look like it? Is it broken? If it's broken the old tip is probably inside the receptacle. Have the correct tools listed at the start of the guide. Now look all the way through the guide a couple of times so you know what your going to do.

I have no idea what kind of adapter the Dell using so I can't answer that question.

\Look at the picture of the DC-IN point. See the brackets on the back of the part. Gently pull the center out a quarter of an inch and look inside it. You will probably see the broken tip in there. Use a pair of small tweezers and remove it. You have now salvaged that part and only need a replacement AC adapter.

First tell me about the tip.

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Check the tip of the the AC plug in jack to see if the tip has broken off. The DC-In board is the same on all the 12" G4 iBooks. Here's the part: [연계 제품이 누락 또는 비활성화 됨: IF183-030]

Go here and select your machine to get instructions on how to repair it. : iBook G4

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Do you have a picture somewhere on this site that shows a close-up of the TIP of the AC plug in jack?

And maybe a close-up of how the part on the machine is supposed to look?

Not sure what either is supposed to look like when they are okay.So that is part of my problem now, while trying to figure out what's wrong. I know one or both is damaged, but I hadn't looked at them closely before, so I don't know how either is supposed to look undamaged.

Re: the instructions -Step 19

"Deroute the cable from around the optical drive, removing tape as necessary, and angle the DC-In board out of its compartment."

What does "deroute" mean?

How important is that tape? Do I need to retape it when I'm putting it back together? If so, what kind of tape do I use? Also, is WHERE the tape is placed critical? Does it need to be taped EXACTLY the same?

RE:Step 18 "Disconnect the DC-In cable from the logic board." Does this just pull easily apart or do I have to squeeze some sort of clips for it to release? Do I grasp both parts with my fingers and just pull or what?I don't want to ruin the logic board cause logic board sounds really important and looks delicate in the picture.

Also, does the oil in my skin mess up the circuitry? Am I supposed to wear gloves while doing the repairs?

Sorry for the basic level questions, but this is my first repair. And thank you so much for your help!

Robin i think I just posted pics on your other question. check it out and let me know.

It's the "ends" or "tips" of these things. Is one of them supposed to have a needle thing sticking out like a tv cable does? I've been looking online but all the pics show stuff from the sides so I can't see "inside" those plug ends.

My adapter is Model NB-65B24. The bottom pic you posted is a totally different adapter but it shows a piece sticking out PAST the part that plugs. Mine doesn't have anything sticking out now at all. It's still got a plastic looking prong thing but it's inside - nothing sticking out.

The top pic on the end plug is on the side of our machine but INSIDE that there's this prong thingie.

So I'm not sure if both parts are broken or just the adapter. But if something is STUCK inside the thing on the machine, I guess it needs replaced too (your pic called it a Sub-Board. Is that the same as a DC-In?)The repair pics shown here are AWESOME. I'm gonna be borrowing money for the parts so I don't want to order the wrong pieces. Or "not know" to wear gloves etc. and ruin the whole computer.

Robin I think I see what you are talking about. Just looked at the picture on ifixit since they do have the power supply. Does the middle prong look broken on the part that plugs into the computer? Do you see anything inside the plug on the computer? the reason while I ask is that I have had a power supply where the prong actually pushed in and would not reach the plug. Can you try to pull gently with some tweezers on the part that "still got a plastic looking prong thing but it's inside - nothing sticking out" just a try to make sure that instead of broken off it may have been pushed in. Don't worry about ruining anything, you just follow the instructions on here and you'll be fine :)

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Block Image

Block Image

The repair manuals are on here at iBook G4

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Sorry, I know this is not supposed to be an answer but a comment. My apologies.

Thanks oldturkey03! I'm figuring out how this website works also, cause I'm brand new at this site too. So if your remarks were supposed to be posted differently, it doesn't matter to me. I will gratefully read anything someone takes the time to post on this. My daughter's high school project is one of these HUGE combined things (her whole grade for 3 or 4 classes) complete with powerpoint presentations, multiple essays, graphs, etc. - she's been working on it daily for several months and was supposed to just finish it up during the holiday. It gets presented in the auditorium for parents and everyone. I did not realize she wasn't backing anything up on her thumb drive :( . This is her first computer, so she's been overwhelmed trying to learn all the software needed, as well as doing the HUGE project itself. This is so disastrous! She's worked so flippin' hard. If I can't manage to do this repair. . . :( I sure wish I'd done this sort of repair work before and not for something so important my first time. :(

Robin I think you will be doing fine. Don't let the stress get to you :) I think the first determination that you should make is if it is the adapter on your computer that needs to be replaced or the power supply. I attached the pictures and it shows what they are supposed to look like. If you find that the end from the plug to the computer is broke you might just be in a situation where you can pull it out with a pair of fine tweezers. Otherwise I think you may have to replace the DC board. I don't think you need to wear gloves to do it but again try to touch as little as possible. Not a lot of force should be needed to unplug it from the logic board. Just take your time and study the repair manual before you get at it. One step at a time and lots of support on here :)

Okay. Didn't realize the pics could get bigger. Got a retina gone in one eye so....Yes! Yes! Yes! The tip of the power adapter is missing. On the bottom pic (where there IS a close-up of inside the plug - how embarrassing - couldn't see it before the pic enlarged) there's nothing past the black plastic base thing with the circle of white. How on earth did that thing break! I'm looking at DC-In pic (also called a sub-board?). . . uh. Is the bracket the metal round thing (like a drinking straw?)or that black square thing? Can I do this tweezer thing with the part still in her machine? The metal straw like thing moves but maybe I can grab it with something to hold it still. Is the metal thing the receptacle? Is it supposed to just be an empty hole in there??? There's no close-up of the inside of that. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to pull out a quarter of an inch. . There's a prong inside the metal thing - am I supposed to pull that out??? Thanks for the patience. I'll get this. Just don't want to mess up.

Robin, I think you are okay to use a pair of tweezers to pull the middle thing out if you can. to it nice and gently....:) You do have the battery out of your computer right ;) If you can get it out than all you need is a new adapter.Give it a try

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