Why is my Scooter not going Faster?

Hello i have a Vespa LX50 2t i just put a new 70cc Cyl kit and it still sticks at 35km

i removed the air blocker and the clutch and belt and varaior are new

Do i need to get a new Coil for a 70 cc or should the 50 cc unit work

my cabaraitor is 17,5 its new also Help

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spezzano1 what air blocker? What is included in the kit you got? what carburetor do you have? Your coil is most likely governing the RPM's

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Hello on the Restricted unit they put a small brass plate to restrict the air flow

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Hello i agree that you for all you help !!!!

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spezzano1 the main restriction on the 50cc 4 stroke Vespa is with the electronics. You will have to modify your CDI as well.

Block Image

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Hello my Scooter is a 2t 2 stroke so do i still follow the list

i got a 78 and 80 Jet removed the washer and a new exhaust

i am ordering a new 19mm manifold for it

Thank you

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Consider to de-restrict your 2 stroke engine. There should be three restrictions in the Vespa. One is located on the exhaust system, the other in the carburetor and finally the transmission restriction in the variator.

As for the restricted CDI, it is a good indication that yours is because you installed the 70cc cylinder kit and your scooter still doesn’t go faster than stock. Sounds like the CDI is restricted :) You can also check by hooking up a tachometer and Another way to check needs an RPM meter. Place your scooter securely on the stand. Rev the engine up slowly and check if at some point the engine stops revving for no reason. This is probably somewhere around 7-8000rpm. If it does, it's restricted. Remember that only the 50CC have that restriction so a coil from a larger model may work for you as well. Best would be to purchase a performance CDI for your engine. The above mod may still work but most certainly no guarantee with that.

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