A touchscreen smartphone made by LG released in September 2013 with the model number VS980.

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Water damage, how to fix without schematic?

So I got a lg g2 with water damage for 16 bucks. It's a T-Mobile and it also has a bad charge port. Problem is I don't have a schematic. If I clean it with isopropyl and it still does not work, what could I do? Do lg schematics even exist?

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@gigabit87898 it can be done but makes for a tough job. Yes they do but never search for something like "LG G2" use the model number instead. You should find something like this

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I found a service manual for a D803 but this is a D801. Would it be the same pcb layout?

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@gigabit87898 that is where you have to check the board layout in the SM against the actual board. D801 is a t-Mobile and D-803 is the Canadian Version. It may essentially be the same.

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So I fixed this phone, everything works. But, it had custom recovery, rom and bootlogo. How do I reset everything to factory including the recovery?

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Fixed it, typing this on it right now.

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