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Can u plz help me to unlock?

I got a I Pod Classic 30GB it's looked i don't know how to unlock it can u plz help me??? Ya i forgot the pass

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hello! as i see... you forgot your password or something like that? well... if its that... its simple to unlock it... at first make sure you can use your iPod as a hard drive, you can do it by conecting it to the pc and changing it in iTunes. then go to My computer>iPod Classic (or the name you gave it)> then key ALT >go to folder options>click allow show hidden content>then go to iPod control folder>device> and delete the _locked. then your iPod is unlocked!

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About if I didn't have a computer and than how do I do it

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Worked for me!

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Give us some more info on the unlocking. Did you forget the passcode? This should help as well if the tip from iCris should not work for you.

Unlocking iPod

You can unlock iPod in one of two ways:

• Enter the combination code of 4 digit to unlock the iPod. If you enter wrong code combination, the digits onscreen flash red.

• Or Connect iPod to the main computer you use (computer with which iPod synced with), and open iTunes. Now disconnect the iPod from the computer, it will be unlocked.

Unlock ipod without combination code

Now if you forgot you combination code then in this case you have to restore your ipod to factory setting. Important note :-when you reset your ipod, it this will erase all data from your iPod. You need to add your song and data again.

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It's no nessesary to restore it to the factory settings.. you can delete the unlock achieve and have it unlocked without loosing any information such as music or photos.. even though it is in the pc but restoring it means wasting time cuz you can do it faster by erasing the achieve i said before..

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iCris how do you do that on a Mac? Just so that I can learn something. Thanks.

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how do you unlock your ipod if you don't know the combination code

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plug into pc look for a file called locked and change the file name to unlock,

(for a mac you have to enable seeing hidden files)

please write if successful!


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There are a lot more steps for a PC too. You are not giving all the details. Check the answer by iCris to this question. All the steps are listed in that answer....;-)

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