A treadmill is a device for walking or running while staying in the same place.

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Treadmill Motor Control Board

Need the Circuit Schematics for a ProForm 730cs Treadmill Motor Control Board

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Hi There, You may need to be more specific as Proform uses a few different controllers. Should be some markings on the lower board like MC2100 or similar, possibly an Icon part number would help which is usually 6-digits. You will only find bits and pieces of the schematics online here and there as manufacturers usually will not get schematics as most assemblies are outsourced and do not include engineering documents. This ties the vendor and customer rather tightly. These failures can range from runaway belt to no lift or no console power. There are also lethal voltages on control boards just for reference. You can contact me for further help if needed or search jatinah electronics.

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