Repair guides for Android cell phones manufactured by ZTE.

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Why is my phone app not working

my phone app is not working, rest of the phone works but I can not make a call.

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How do I get that back working

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Did you happen top notice whether your phone app didn't work after you installed any new apps at all?

If so perhaps you could try uninstalling the app(s), restart the phone and see if you can now call out OK. (Have read that Whatsapp can sometimes cause a problem with dialing out).

If this does not apply to you, try clearing the cache in the Dialer app.

Go to Home > Settings > Apps > swipe left to All > scroll down to find and tap to enter Dialer > scroll to find Cache > tap Clear Cache option and follow the prompts. (Not sure if you will lose your call history and perhaps SMS and MMS (including any pictures associated) messages if you do this, it seems to vary between brands of phones. Therefore backup your phone before you do this, just in case.

If this doesn't resolve the problem, backup the phone and then perform a factory reset, using the phone's factory restore feature.

Be aware that a factory reset (or restore) will erase all your data and downloaded apps and restore the phone to its' factory default condition, it will be like when you first bought it

Once the phone has been reset, check to see if you can call out OK.

If you can, restore the phone from the backup you made earlier, using the phone's restore feature.

Check to see if you can still call out OK.

If you can then the reset has solved the problem

If you now cannot call out again then a downloaded app is the cause of the problem. The trick is to find out which one. You will have to uninstall each downloaded app one by one (from the last one installed) and test the phone to see if you can call OK between each uninstall. When you can call out OK the last uninstalled app was the cause of the problem

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Issues relating to your apps not working and phone cannot make calls: AIRPLANE MODE?

From your home screen swipe down from the top to open a quick menu screen check and verify that AIRPLANE mode is off, Data should be on, Sync should be on, WiFi on. Verify WiFi is connected, if there is an exclamation point ! following the WiFi connection you may have to restart your modem.


If you have MPEG4 Video, MPEG4 Music, Adobe PDF Files saved to the phone's memory check the STORAGE under SETTINGS to verify that your not exceeding the phone's storage capacity. This will affect your apps and the phone's overall performance. Recommend moving stored files to the external SD card.


Sometimes errors occur when downloading the app, Uninstall then reinstall the apps once more. If still not opening in rare occasions the App is not compatible with the ZTE phone. When you visit the play store confirm that the app has been authorised "PLAY PROTECT" By Google and never download UNAUTHORIZED APPS it may contain SPYWARE and Malicious intentions.

The information listed above is from my personal experiences using android driven devices.

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Tried resetting, erasing, and restoring. Problem kept recurring. Turned off Exchage contacts and deleted from phone. Deleted voicemails and emptied deleted folder. Turned on Exchange contacts. Phone app function restored.

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