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Car clicks but won't turn over.The battery is fully charged

The Nissan Pulsar 1996 car clicks once but won't turn over.the battery is fully charged and the starter is only 12 months old.the click is not coming from the solenoid but under the dash from a "blue",relay.Any ideas guys?.

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It was dirty connections on the inhibitor switch on the auto.cleaned with contact cleaner,now all good.Thanks.

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@fordtransit you did not tell us if it is an AT or MT vehicle (automatic vs. Standard) Since the erelay is under the dash it does not sound liker the starter relay. On Nissan's those are usually found on the fuse box. This sounds like either an inhibitor relay or a clutch interlock. On Nissans the blue case of the relays is indicative of a 1M relay. You could try and bridge 3 and 5 and see if that will help with your starting circuit.

Block Image

The other thing you could try is follow the Nissan Manual to tes your starter circuit. Let us know what you find,

Block Image

The other thing that might help if you can post plenty of images of where that relay is located and what it looks like, with your question. Use this guide for that.

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