How to get out of LOOP diagnosing doing repair repeatedly

F2 just gives me the BIOS this doesn't help factory reset or get it back to working -it goes back into looping again

Diagnosing repairing

Help needed? Please?


Hi there is anyone still on here...I realize it's late BUT HELP is needed please?

Dell says the warranty is done as of January 15 2017

I'm still trying to find out if purchased on a credit card does credit card extend warranty by 1year?

Can someone help with a

Dell Inspiron 17 5000 series 15187231766

P26E 001 model?

Win 8 sticker on back

I have pics of diagnostics screens it says everything is OK

I have turned it on off hard shut off + on still says the following



Preparing automatic repair


Diagnosing YOUR PC

Then black screen


Repeats the same over and over

I've tried the BIOS looks OK

I've unplugged battery plugged in started -same as above

F2 f8 f12 tried

Diagnostics ran ...battery is junk

I have a win 7 Cd here ? No good for this.

No DVD Cd backup items available

I was wishing to fix this up for my 88 year old mom to see things on her care facility. She and other elderly people there would benefit greatly from this laptop in so many ways -lide would be happier for mom.

Can someone be a hero and help me?

This is Jen

Waterloo Ontario Canada

JenFrYrEyesOnly -twitter

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The optical drive...I can't get it to pop open -amy tips hints are very appreciated



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JenFryreyesonly sound s to me like your computer cannot access the recovery partition. Since you can access the BIOS I would proceed as follows. Get a copy of a Live Linux program. I do use Puppy Linux since I can fit it on a USB stick. Set the BIOS to use the USB drive as the first bootable drive. If and when your computer boots into Puppy Linux you can then use that to try and access your drive and see if your partition for the operating system (Win 8?) is still accessible. If it is not you will have to obtain a Win 8 OS install disk.

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Hi there can you suggest an alternative option...

I'm in UEFI boot mode SECURE BOOT IS ON


On board nic ipv6

Windows boot manager

On board nic (ipv4)

What should I choose?

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I meant to say thank you for your reply.....

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I've left it it in boot mode... hope to hear back re options...

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What do you get when you use Windows boot manager?

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Sorry I missed your reply...I get the same loop happening.... I hope to hear from you again many thanks

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