No sound on this older LG TV

Power flickered and reset all TVs, clocks, satelite receivers, etc. Now I have no sound on my TV. Tried all of the suggestions. Reset TV several times. No sound on my sound bar or the tv. I imagine I had a power surge as we heard a small spark when power came on. Is there a sound card or do I need to replace the circuit board? How difficult is it? Hate to discard as it has a great picture.

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@davncyn you did not tell us if you have sound from the TV alone, without any sound bar or other equipment plugged in. I am making the assumption that you have and still not sound from the TV.

There is not soundcard and the audio portion of your TV is part of the main board (the board with all the A/V connectors). Unplug your set and remove the back. Check the components on that board. If you have a multimeter, you can check the components according to the LG flowchart in this SM LG 47LB5DF SM. If unsure about where to measure etc. post some good images of your boards with your question. For that use this guide

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