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Can they be reconditioned?

I have two Nikken Solitens SW-103B units that insufficient power even with new batteries. Can they be reconditioned?

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Thanks again. I do have two so I could open one up to create a repair guide. I'll look into your suggestion. I'll be away for a few weeks so it may take a while for me to work through it and see if it is a possibility.

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First make sure the batteries are installed correctly. Here's how it's done:

It appears others have had the same problem with this now discontinued item and gone to another one:


Roy, it's a matter of practicality. The thing new is $35.

It was discontinued prior to 2009 and I can't even find a photo of it.

You need one to tear down to create a repair guide. Which you could yourself using the following link:

Creating a Repair Guide

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Unfortunately I'm very familiar with these from Nikken. They worked very well when they worked! The batteries are in correctly and cords have been repaired, but they now produce a very weak stimulus. I tried the other brand you suggested from a dealer in FL and it just did not have the "juice" of a properly functioning Nikken. Th edealer understood and I sent it back for a full refund. So now I'm down to seeking someone who can open these up and test the individual parts for possible replacement. I can't believe that I've been unable to find a business that does repairs on electronic items (other than cell phones and computers!).

Guess I'll keep looking. Thanks!

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