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Why i'm getting the screen like the photos atached?

So i bought a iPhone 5s screen to replace a broken iPhone SE screen, the thing is everything work's fine until after some minutes of working the screen shows colored vertical bars and white screen and backs to normal after some time.

See the pictures below:

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

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The most logical explanation is that you have a poor quality replacement screen. Where did you buy it?

If it came from a reputable supplier like iFixit, then I would contact their customer service and ask for it to be replaced under warranty. If you bought it through eBay, you also have some recourse but know that the most, if not all, of the worst quality screens on the market get sold through eBay. That doesn't mean there aren't any good ones, just that you have a higher likelihood of getting a bad one. Also, some of the earlier and cheaper 5S screens don't work well on the SE.

There is of course a possibility that your logic board is causing the issue. I would try to re-install the original, cracked screen to see if the problem goes away or not. You can find a good dis-assembly guide here.

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Thanks a lot for the answer . I already took the iPhone to the store that sells me the display. They will see if the problem it's really the display and fix him in case of.

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Glad to help.

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To clarify on why this happens. This is due to some aftermarket 5s screens still using the old copy display technology.

The good quality newer 5s aftermarket screens do not have this issue. But they are hard to find for SE unless you get the right supplier.

You can also get aftermarket SE screens to make sure you get one without this issue.

Alternatively you could use OEM SE or an original SE screen.

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only 5S Original lcd working Good with SE. Copy 5s Lcd Not Working With SE.... Thanks

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