The Dell XPS 15-L502X laptop was manufactured by Dell Inc. It was released in 2011 with a 2nd Gen Intel® Core™ processor.

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Broken hinge and plastic parts of screen

My XPS 15 L502 X left hinge is broken along with plastic part of screen. my laptop screen is working perfectly fine. Please see the pics attached.

Block Image

Block Image

What parts do I need and can I get a step by step guide to change it.

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the tutorial on how to change is here

Used cheap part here

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@xps15 download the service manual from here. You will need the back cover (available at places like this) and possibly new hinges.

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Although both answers above are very good and proper.

You may want to try a quick fix and glue the hinge to the inside shell with JB weld. It's a cheap fix that may work for you, if it doesn't then go with the new parts: back shell and hinge.

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Looks like you need replacement



Most often sold as a pair (1 left /1 right).

However, I have seen brackets sold individually but usaully harder to find that way.


Most often sold w/o hinges

However, you might get lucky and find a cover w/ hinges.


Sold in pairs. (1 left/ 1 right)

I recommend replacing them as a pair. (These hinges are the reason for all the damage. Hinges get too tight (even cease completely) putting stress on and causing the metal display brackets and plastic parts to brake).

Dell website has free service manual available for download.

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