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dropped it in salt water

So i was in puerto rico and i dropped my phone in the water... it was salt water. it took about 5-10 min to retrieve because of how deep the water was, and we turned it right off. about 3 days ago. now my phone is still not turning on, what do i do??? i want to be able to save my pictures. its an iphone 5SE. thanks to anyone who can help.

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Hi Alicia,

Salt water is one of the worst things an electronic device can be dropped in, this is because it's extremely corrosive.

3 days of it being left to corrode isn't a good sign of hope.

I would recommend you take it somewhere that does liquid damage cleaning and microsoldering, and make sure they offer data recovery, as that should be the main goal when a device gets liquid damaged.

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okay thank you i will. It turns on but all it is is a black screen that says to connect to itunes. when i do it tells me my phone is messed up and needs to either update or reset which means losing all data. i tried updating, the phone still wont turn on. so im going to do what you suggested and take it to a place that offers data recovery. Thank you so much!!

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