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CD/MP3 in-dash stereo receiver

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This is response to Joe the Iceman


I mean the optional accessory for my KENWOOD KDC-X789 car stereo CD receiver unit. The owner's manual refers to an 'optional accessory' that I can use.

I have the subscription, is there a satellite receiver specifically for this unit?

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Michael A. Brown, are you jamming yet?:-)

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Okay I think what you are looking for is the SIRIUS Kenwood Package

Item #700SIRKENW "SiriusConnect™ tuner and adapter package for Kenwood •provides control of SIRIUS satellite radio through select Kenwood car stereos •antenna included" it is available here That is the optional accessory for your receiver. Hope this answers your question even so it was directed to Joe the Iceman :)Good Luck

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