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2012년 6월 출시 / Core i7 프로세서 Turbo Boost 포함 / 최대 1 GB DDR5 비디오 RAM

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Replace logic board or buy new MacBook Pro?

I have a MacBook Pro Mid 2012 15” and it has that GPU panic issue.

I took it to Apple care and they said the only way to fix it was to replace the logic board, which is £600. A new MacBook Pro 2015 15” today is £1,749.

If I replace the logic board, is there any chance that this GPU panic issue will come back?

So here is my dilemma: Have the logic board replaced OR buy a new MacBook that is £1,149 more expensive than having the logic board replaced?

What do you guys think is worthy?

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I've got the same problem! Do you guys recommend someone in Brazil, Sao Paulo who'd fairly diagnose and repair what's wrong with the Logic Board?

I need help as well. My gpu (apparently) has been giving me major issues. I bought this less than 3 years ago in india. apple says there's nothing wrong with it and they just installed Sierra. I really don't want to buy a new laptop. this is my second MacBook that has basically had motherboard issues.

I’m from South America, I have a MacBook Pro A1398 with 15” Retina Early 2013.

It starts up with first sound and black screen. Have reloaded OS using OS recovery and even put on windows using boot camp.

Tried all resets but doesn't work. It running very hot. Can you advise me to somebody in Johannesburg, South Africa to fix the logic board not replace it.


I’ve unwittingly just bought one of the dud MacBooks and now it is beyond the Apple program… anywhere in London I can get Logic board replaced reasonably?


I have the same issue, been to honeywell on Garratt lane (Earlsfield) and they’ve quoted me £500+. I’ve decided to bin it and get a new one.

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In my opinion it should have been included in both the class action law suit and ensuing

MacBook Pro Repair Extension Program for Video Issues

I wouldn't take it to Apple for the repair as the problem was theirs in the first place but they were so unethical as to not admit it or fix it. Of course they say they know exactly what it is. Why would you trust these guys with doing the repair? They don't plan to fix it but sell you a new logic board and the labor and charge you through the nose for it. That'll fix it even if it is just a $1.00 fuse and they don't have to even think to do it. And your warranty? 60 days. What a peachy deal! Then in2018 they're going to tell you its a "legacy machine" and they aren't allowed to even work on it.

First let's not trust what Apple told you as far as what's wrong with it. Did you get it writing? Did they charge you for the diagnostic? What exactly did they say failed and why did it fail?

Let's do our own diagnostic. Please tell us what is happening with it.


It's Apple Part # 661-6491

Here's how to install it:

MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2012 Logic Board Replacement

The problem is that because of supply and demand (so many failures of their board) they are in short supply.

I'll do some research on this today to see if I can find a competent company that will do a repair on this board and replacement of the chip. This best person to look at will be Louis Rossman. I'll get back to you.

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The MacBook was completely dead, it wasn't switching on at all. I took it to Apple care, they ran a test on it and discovered that it's a GPU Panic issue. So they sent me the quote with a diagnostic included. The diagnostic stated that it's a GPU panic issue. For the Mid 2012 models, the GPU, as far as I am aware, is attached on the logic board and the only way to have it working again is to replace the logic board. They also said that the replacement program was ended in December, 2016 :(

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Hi, I had this problem a couple of months back - ‘panic'‘ issue resulted in my laptop crashing intermittently.

All of the official Apple repair places I went to said that the logic board was defective, and that it was no longer possible to find a replacement as Apple had stopped making them in spite of acknowledging that they were defective between 2012 and 2014. Apple told me that the laptop was effectively bricked.

I did eventually find a solution which did not require my logic board to be replaced, and I have had a fully working laptop since.

For anyone in the UK, I really recommend these guys. The work cost £180 - much less than the £350+ to replace the logic board…if there were any available.


What I have been told (for others to verify), is that between 2012 and 2014, Apple used a solder for their chip boards that did not include lead. This meant that the solder melted at lower temperatures, and over time this caused faults to occur. The fix is therefore to replace the solder for the logic board, rather than replace the board itself.

It took me many hours of research to work this out, and so I hope that this message will help some of you to repair your laptops more quickly and at a lower cost. Good luck!

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Holy crap.

I’ve purchased repair kits from you before that worked. I never thought that you’d have a fix for ALL of my MacBook Pros.

I HAVE FOUR - two absolutely dead & 2 running off CD’s only. And yes, Apple diagnosed 3 of them w/faulty logic board issues. Two had logic boards replaced under warranty. With four really good looking laptop bookends, I’m considering your logic boards.

My problem is that my hands aren’t so steady... My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be...

Could you tell me the name of a local repair person. It’s my understanding that Apple is going after the guys you recommend.

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Crochet Girl Maybe I could do your installation for you. Click on my icon for contact information.

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You need a technician who is not only Apple certified, but has his own reflow machine, and substantial component level experience. Apple doesn't fix anything. They just swap out the boards. And for the record they are mainly run by a bunch of project managers with minimal or no background in material science. However, I give them credit for making one of the best screens out there.

I recommend you consider taking the laptop to a technician by the name of Narfal who works at the Palo Alto Fry's Electronic's store. Narfal is both Apple certified, has component level experience, his own reflow machine, and experienced fixing the problem you describe.

I had the exact same problem as you. And for the record the Macbook Pro has had serious problems with its motherboards since at least 2008. The problem was most commonly with the AMD chipset, even though the chipset itself wasn't the problem. In many cases it was the lead free solder and its associated whisker effect.

You may want to look up the class action suits against Apple online. Unfortunately those suing mistakenly cancelled the suit thinking Apple would fix their computer, Apple merely offered them another defective logic board, usually resulting in failure as well.

I think Narfal quoted me $150-$180 to fix the defect which involved changing the heat sink as well as other repairs. Don't send your laptop to Apple!

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Let’s start a new case then, as the problem is ongoing anyone with issues?

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There are many posts and videos that state it has nothing to with AMD chips or how they are soldered. it all comes down to a bad capacitor on the circuit going to the AMD chip on the logic board. Replace the capacitor with a better one and it permanently fixes the issue. There are YouTube videos demonstrating that the capacitor is the issue and how to replace it. Paying for a new logic board only fixes the video/boot issues until that capacitor goes bad — and eventually it will. There are also many posts on ways to have the Mac OS stop using the AMD chip and only use the integrated Intel graphics. The MacBook becomes usable again — but with lower graphics capabilities. Google phrases about MacBook AMD chip fixes - bad capacitor - nvram fixes, etc to find the posts and videos.

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Louis Rossman group of New York City fixed mine. Soldier / capacitor issue.

Works Great !

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