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Burned components after water damage

I got water damaged(light water spill inside a backpack, near ABXY keys) 3DS XL for repair or to sell as parts. Ofc I want to do the former.

It does not turn on, nor charge, and after visual inspection i found 2 obliviously fried components:

  • Charging IC (CKP, which is apparently Texas Instruments bq24072)
  • Element DA4 near Wi-Fi card, marked D60(still unknown what it is, probably some LDO)

Picture of the place(metal sheild that should be under Wi-Fi board is removed):

Block Image

Both fuses are not blown by the way.

So questions are:

  1. What is element DA4 and where can i get one aside from other 3DS?
  2. How to diagnose further to make sure i won't burn these components or anything else right after replacement?
  3. Is nintendo boards have elements glued to? I cant lift anything from board using hot air gun.
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@refectio @mayer @oldturkey03 Do you have any ideas, chaps?

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The BQ24072 should be easy to source ( As for the DA4, it would help if the OP posted a picture so we could see what it is (or was ;>)

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If the label was intact, i wouldn't ask. I guess that this element is voltage stabilizer(5 pin smd), but i can't find needed rplacement without label, nor know what it is powering(all pins trace to inner pcb layer).

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What is the marking on DA3? Chances are they are identical or complimentary. Let me know so I can look them up. Tag me with my username (@refectio) so I get notified.

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@refectio DA3 is labeled D60, but i doubt that they're identical(what could need so much power in 3ds to have 2 same stabilizers?)

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The BQ24072 should be easy to source ( What is the marking on DA3? Chances are they are identical or complimentary.

I'm not an expert on Gameboys so I'm just trying to help here. SMD marking codes are not an exact science and they are not unique. As best as I can tell, they appear to be TVS diodes in SOT-5 packages. I haven't found any schematics on the web. Donor boards might be the best approach here.

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DA3 is labeled D60, assumptions are useless here btw

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