How to check what is not working in my chime

I've got an electromechanical chime at my business premises. there's a pushbutton outside in the hall and the doorbell inside, powered by the house power supply.

I've already checked the pushbutton by shortcutting the wire in the pushbutton: it doesn't ring.

So I guess the culprit should be the doorbell itself.

I don't really know whether it's using the house power voltage directly or transform it to lower voltage? (I'm in France, it's 220V here)

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

At my disposal I've got a multimeter which I've never really used.

How do I check which element could be wrong? Where do I apply the red and black probes of the multimeter?

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@gilga this is AC voltage so make sure that you set your meter to AC. Set the scale high enough so that you match your voltage (220V). In this case the color of your probes is not relevant. Place one probe on the grey wire and one on the blue wire. After that have someone push the door bell. Let us know what voltage your meter shows. I have a slight suspicion that it will be lower than your 220V (I guess around 6-18). Most doorbells use a transformer to operate. Make sure that you do not touch the contacts or the medal of your probes. Could be a hair raising experience.!

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