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Broken Resistor/capacitor - Values on PCB MagSafe 45W-PA-1450 (BOM?)


Luis from Germany,

I'm working on a genuine Apple MagSafe 45W PA-1450 charger as it won't charge by system anymore after 4 repairs on the same cord. I have disassembled it once again, I'm getting the right voltage on the output of the PCB.

A visual inspection shows that the big resistor of the high voltage section and the capacitor next to it (see pics) where damaged.

Does any one have the teardown / BOM / PCB component values of these 2 components?

The rest of the components seem to be good. I have the time and the right tools to fix this charger: solder smd, measure (100Mhz scope/multimeter/hot-air/etc.)

Big thanks in advance!

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Halo Dan, thanks for your fast answer and your guidance .

I´ve experience on designing 600KHz Switching power supplys, so no problem to deal with the HF/HV.

A photo of an open charger (MAGSAFE 45W PA-1450 A1374) might work as well for me to identify the resistor / fuse, but of course somethoing more technical will be welcome.



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Sorry guy we don't try to repair them and we only have 65 Watt units

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US$100 이상 또는 Pro Tech Toolkit을 포함한 모든 주문의 배송은 무료입니다!

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@lurgaci Apple may not but iFixit does. After all, the purpose of this website is to empower others to fix their devices. Good thing I am a hoarder and keep stuff after I tear it down :-)This is the part you are looking for

Block Image

After checking it with my meter it shows to be a 0.24ohm resistor.

The capacitor shows 74 uF and that is mounted to the board. Can't get to my ESR tester right now but that should still work out for you.

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Halo Oldturkey,

thanks a lot for the fast and clear answer

Thats what i need for now to try to fix this unit.

Hope you have a long great weekend!


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Luis viel Glück mit deiner Reparatur.

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One more question:

Do you think this ceramic capacitor its a 70µF, maybe ~70nF?

When I took it out I was measuring 10nF, but might have been damaged...ç

Could you test it with the ESR?

I will get the resistor hopefully next monday...

Vielen dank Hern Alter Truthahn!


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@lurgaci Give me a bit of time since I am at work right. Nach der Arbeit werde Ich dehn Kondensator noch einmal messen.

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@lurgaci just double checked and got the same results 74uF

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Sorry Apple doesn't offer parts or any info for their chargers.

Frankly, given the high voltages and the risks of fire I don't recommend trying to fix them. Besides the personal risks you can also damage your system as well here!

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