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Samsung에서 제조한 Samsung Galaxy Note 5는 (Note5로 불림) 스타일러스를 탑재한 phablet/패블릿 스타일 휴대폰입니다, 2015년 8월 출시.

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Is it ok to remove the back cover if it is very cracked?

I want to open up my phone but i dont know if i will damage it more because the back cover is cracked alot and i want to know if i will damage it more if i remove it

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Yes, unfortunately that's likely to happen if the back glass plate is already cracked but you can minimize the amount of additional cracking in the process. First, heat the back plate well and uniformly. It can handle a fair amount of heat and the more the better for loosening the adhesive. I like to use playing cards to slide under the glass back. They are thinner than something like a guitar pick and cause less of a lift that may further crack the back. Be especially careful in areas that are smashed or cracked and slide the playing card up along any crack lines so that the card is on both sides of the crack. The overall goal is to slide the card around to break the adhesive without lifting or prying substantially in one area. Differential lifting and pulling is what causes cracking.

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ok thanks ill try that

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