Why my phone is ghost touching?

Hi. I have a Leagoo M8 pro that I've bought from online shop.

So, 2 months ago, it felt and the glass cracked. There were no ghost touching or any errors, just the cracked glass. All is well and I was sure that the lcd were not broken, because the touchscreen was still responsive.

But three weeks ago, suddenly it became error (ghost touching). OMG, it is so worse, It keep touching and even unlock the screen( swipe up mode). And the weird thing is, sometimes it doesn't ghost touching, but the area of the cracked glass is not responsive. I wonder why.

btw, I lost the original charger, so I wonder if it is the cause of the error.

So the questions are:

1) what makes my phone suddenly went error? is it because of i dont use the original charger?

2) Should I buy digitizer or lcd later?

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i got issue too.

Volume automatically became so loud few days ago while i was playing game on ma Leagoo M8 Pro, so i put it down, but it go back up loud few times. so i press volume up and down buttons few times randomly, and then volume up button NO working. so i turn off phone and then turn on again, but it show:

SELECT BOOT MODE [recovery, fastboot, normal].

[VOLUME UP to select. VOLUME DOWN is OK]

BUT volume up button no work !!

later, i dont know how, but phone worked. but i try turn off, power off button not working !!

but wen i take battery out, and put back in, then power on button IS working !

i dont know what shall i do, now BOTH volume button no working in BOOT MODE SELECTION screen !!

so i CANNOT use the phone at all !!

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a Ghost in the screen is a cirguit failure in the Digi. the cracks in the glass likely either let moisture into the phone, or put extra pressure on the digi panel that it normally does not without broken glass, causing it to wear over time.

replacing the digi should likely fix your issue, but there is no way to tell without trying.

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Please have same problem with my leagoo m8 pro, there is no crack on the screen it did not fall down just started malfunctioning after I did an online update. Please what should I do

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circuit failure doesnt only entail a physical damage. it just means that there is a problem prosessing the electronic signal.

possible causes in order of comonality could be as follows

1) Wear in the Digi

2) Logic control circuit failure

3) Software malfunction

4) Integrated board failure

I would suggest starting with a factory reset of the device. if this doesnt fix your issue, take it to a trained professional to further on repair the device.

if you wont take it to a trained technician, then you can try searching google and youtube for detailed teardowns of your device, and try replacing the parts listed above as required.

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Thanks, I have don't factory reset, but the issue till remain what next

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if you have done the factory reset, the next thing to do, is replace the Digitizer. my sources dont supply for off brand phones, so i dont have a link for the part. essentially, you will need to teardown (disassemble) the device to the point where the screen is removable from the frame, and replace it from there. if you havent disassembled a phone before, i would suggest taking it to a local repair shop as your safest option.

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It's a common issue in M8 pro mobile, it`s touchpad is low quality and will act like ghost touching within 4 to 5 months. Many people are experiencing same issue with this phone. I was also experiencing that issue in my M8 pro, I was unable to use it. After replacing touch sensor it is working perfect now. New touch sensor available on aliexpress under 8 dollars.

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Just change your touch censor man, I was having same issue too, but after changing touch panel everything working fine.

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