Heater does not produce hot air

Heater blows air, but doesn't heat up.

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Don't know your vehicle but on most vehicles there are two heater hoses going from the engine bay through the firewall and into the heater core inside the cabin. When heat is required a valve, usually found in the engine compartment, is opened allowing warm/hot engine coolant to flow from the engine coolant system in through one hose, through the heater core in the cabin of the vehicle and back out through the other hose and back into the engine coolant system. Air being forced through the heater core by the fan is warmed up to heat the cabin area

Check that when you select heating (on a warmed up engine) that the heater hoses are both warm/hot to the touch, (do this with the engine switched off!) If not then the valve has not been opened. If only one hose is warm/hot and not the other there may be a blockage in the heater core.

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