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The ZTE ZMax Pro is identified by its black color, rear fingerprint sensor and its model name, Z981, which can be found under the rear case.

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Trouble scrolling using finger-touch on screen

Can someone please help me? I have ZTE MAX PRO, and have consistent difficulty scrolling up and down when lightly sliding my finger on the screen!!!

Also, more than half the time wherever I initially place my finger on the screen to begin to scroll, website to the link my finger lands on will automatically, come up on the screen.

This happens no matter how lightly I touch the screen.



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Hi @jjquin65 ,

Try adjusting the sensitivity of the touchscreen down to make it less sensitive.

Go to Settings > Language and Input > Pointer. Tap to enter and adjust the slider down to suit

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Just had my zte zmax pro replaced via warranty but the new one has same issue screen is doing same thing and it's long pressing scrolling keeps dropping out when I type it types it's own thing I've tried adjusting the sensitivity like you said I also tried adjusting the screen to long medium and short delay in settings none worked but I downloaded a screen fixer and it's not as bad but still bad what do I do to fix this??????

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H @jlgezzy94 ,

If you've installed any other apps besides the one that you mentioned try starting the phone in safe mode and check its' behaviour.

If it is still faulty then I can only suggest that you get this one replaced under warranty as well as it is obviously not working correctly.

Was it a "new" phone replacement or a "refurbished" phone replacement?

If at all possible, check the replacement phone in their presence before accepting it

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Had it replaced 4 times with same phone at metro pcs they discontinued selling it for this reason all replacements had same issue they said it was something that started after zte's latest update so i have a style 4 now love it but have the brand new ate z max pro just rotting away is their a fix?

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The phone is at factory settings theirs nothing on it i tried changing the screen touch delay and the sensitivity screen fix apps but none work the setting changes sort of work for a few minutes but maybe there is still hope for it?

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