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Can Ubuntu be installed next to windows

@captainsnowball Id like to install Ubuntu to my 2nd hard drive but I’m not sure how to set it up on windows?

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You know if you have Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 Pro, it comes with built in Virtualization software.

Go to Control Panel --> Programs --> Add/Remove Features --> Add "Hyper-V".

Anyway, sidetracked the main question.

Here's a video on how to dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 10.


Another way to do it is to install Ubuntu on your second hard drive while the Windows disk is unplugged.

Then when it is done, plug the Windows hard drive back in.

When the computer starts up, press "F12" to go into the Boot menu and select which hard drive you want to start up with.

Then boot into Ubuntu's hard drive and type the command "sudo update-grub2".

This will add the Windows option to the Grub Boot menu.

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I have windows 10 pro.

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@avanteguarde I found it. It was on “Turn windows features no or off”

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So I’ve done that command in Ubuntu but my computer is booting in the windows drive instead of going to the grub boot menu?

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@paperboypaddy , when you turn on the computer, use the motherboard's boot options to boot to the Ubuntu hard drive.

It will load the local grub multiboot loader on the Ubuntu drive. You can boot to Windows via the grub menu. If this works, then change the BIOS to always boot from that drive.

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I’ve looked on my bios settings and I can’t find where to make it boot in a certain hard drive. My bios doesn’t have a lot of settings.

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The easiest way is to use VM Ware . Create a virtual Machine inside windows . This doesnt require a second drive only about 20gb of free hard drive space. This is also great in that you dont have to shut down windows to boot into linux . I have four VM's on my machine to work across different platforms Ubuntu16.10 , Fedora Linux 26 , Yosemite, and an old version of windows XP. I can switch from platform to platform or run one on one screen and another on a second screen . You do need a lot of memory to run multiple OS's though . There are tons of tutorials on youtube to help with the setup and operation.

However if you dont want to do it this way and your patient . You can run different OS's from different drives . The easiest way is to install one OS then disconnect that hard drive and install another OS on another drive then connect both drives and when you boot your machine you 'll have to select in your boot menu which drive you boot from. You can also use a program called partition magic to create multiple partitions that are healthy boot partitions. Once again you can find tons of tutorials on youtube . The reason I said "patient"is that you need to shut down ever time you want to switch to a different platform . Anyway Padraic I hope this helps

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Ok. Great. I have windows 10 on this machine and Ubuntu 16.04. It’s a older computer with one core so it wouldn’t run a virtual OS very well. There’s system configuration on windows I’m not sure how to have my other OS listed on it? And is there a way to click a restart to other OS button like boot camp on macOS?

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i prefer to use dual boot.


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