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I have sound but my picture keeps going black after a few minutes of

Any Ideas on what might be causing my picture to go black after watching a few minutes of tv? This Just started happening l!

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Ok, the tv is hanging on my wall and just started doing this all of a sudden yesterday, so you think it could be a few different things? And are these repairs pretty easy to do yourself?

Thank You Again!

I have Vizio 55” and screen goes black but still get sound. I have found that this is being caused by a bad connection between 2 of the boards in back. I have taken back off and carefully squeeze this connector point attaching boards together, and works fine for a few months. I believe the root cause is something to do with strain on tv body by being mounted on wall causing board connection spot to slightly move. When I fix and leave off wall, the problem does not happen again.

Have you tried going to your display settings and changing from vivid to another display? It worked for me.

I don’t believe that the settings display shows due to screen going out, but will test when this problem happens again in a few months.

My TV is not mounted on the wall and still went black. Changing the display settings worked for me. No issues since.

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@dsmitty29 let us know what exact model this is. It is possible that this is caused by a bad power board which then causes your backlight to turn off, but can also be a T-con or main board issue. Let us know if only your picture turns off or if you lose sound as well and if the picture comes back on. You do want to try to reset your TV. Unplug it and push and hold the power button for about 30sec-1min then plug it in while holding the power button depressed. If that does not help, remove the back of your set and post some good images of your boards with your question. That way we can see what you see and could try to assist you further. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that

Update (02/08/2018)

@dsmitty29 "you can see the picture like that. " is indicative of a bad power board. The power board supplies the voltages needed by the backlight. Of course there is a possibility that your backlight LED array has failed or you have some loose cable. You have to check this out by removing the back and measuring the output of the power board. If the power is supplied but the backlight turns off, it's the array.

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Thank you for the advice, the reset didn't work, it's a Vizio UHD 4K TV Model name: D65u-D2

Also, It will turn on and work fine for about 3-4 minutes and then the picture just shuts off, I turned the lights off and held a flashlight up to the screen and you can see the picture like that. The picture does not come back on after it goes off

It's hanging on my wall and just started doing this all of a sudden yesterday, are these things easy to fix yourself? Thanks again!

@dsmitty29 easy and difficult are all a matter of who is doing it ;-) It is really not very complicated. Most complicated will most likely be the removal of the back

I called a tv repair place, the guy said he doesn't think it wound be the power board

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In regards to this issue with the D65u-D2 screen going black, here is what I’ve found with mine:

This issue started with my TV at 14 months old, just out of the manufacturer warranty (of course). After some research, I decided to change the power board. THIS DID NOT HELP. THE ONLY THING THAT WORKS IS CHANGING THE PICTURE MODE TO STANDARD AND THE AUTO BRIGHTNESS SETTING TO MEDIUM. Also, make sure all of your timer settings are changed to off. We have not had it cut out since!

It angers me that I have to do this, and that Vizio fails to recognize this issue, but at least I didn’t have to launch the TV into a dumpster.

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it's works if I change the auto brightness setting to medium or low, the tv do not turn off.

Exactly how do I change the screen size, brightness or anything at all for that matter if when I press the menu button or any other button, I can't see anything because the screen stays blackish blue?

Vizio D65u-D2 turned the setting to standard and medium. Issue resolved. If I put it on Vivid, it shuts off again after a few minutes with audio only. Ordered the power supply to see if it allows me to use Vivid setting.

I tried every suggestion resetting to MFG, switching of settings, changed HDMI cables, checked connection with other devices, Roku, DVD even Antenna TV. In each case the results were still the same Vizio 65u-D2 TV plays perfect for a few minutes then screen immediately goes black leaving only the sound

I have a 65 inch jvc flatscreen and my screen just went out turned black but the power light still comes on but screen still black any suggestion and i also smelled like burnt plastic before the screen went black the smell started yesterday and tv blacked out today any ideas or who to call?

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I have a vizio 400k smart TV. I got it for free because of this issue. The screen would shut off after about 10 mins of it being on but the sound still worked. Just went in and changed picture settings to standard and turned off sleep and power mode. So far it's been about 25 mins and it's still on. Hopefully it stays that way but I believe it's fixed. :)

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Changing picture mode to standard as well as turn off sleep and power mode didn't work. Unfortunately my life suck after having this TV for a 1 and 1/2.

Dryna, did you also change the picture to Med as well? It must be set to standard and med.

Hoping this works out visio just started doing the same exact thing had it for about the same exact time ( 2 years )

I have the same Vizio D65U-D2. Just out of warranty. Same exact problem. None of the proposed solutions above work. The only thing I’ve noticed I can do so far to keep the screen from going black is to keep it on Netflix (thereby using WIFI) with the cable box off so none of the HDMI cables are effecting the TV. So far, that’s it. If I watch TV or any DVR recorded program, blackout with audio working within 5 minutes. About to toss this piece of crap.

Tahiti Trust that sounds like a main board issue. All HDMI ports will go through the main board so will the WiFi but different circuits on the board

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Folks, I have the Vizio 65” D Series and having the same issue “Screen goes black but still has audio”. This happens while using any device, on any HDMI port, as well as the built in Smart apps particularly . I've attempted all of the workarounds mentioned on the internet including working with Vizio support without resolution. After dealing with this for the past year or more and sifting through countless threads I believe I have finally found a permanent fix. Power draining, factory reset, changing picture mode, has no effect. These are all temporary workarounds on their own. Currently having the picture mode at Standard with Auto brightness off and backlight set to 75% seems to be holding up and have not had the “Blackout” since. This is unfortunate and Vizio should patch this defect. Let me know if this works for anyone else.

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I have the same Vizio with your same settings, except for backlighting of 63. My fix is to unplug the Vizeo TV for 10-seconds and toggle it back and forth from on to off. It is extremely frustrating, but I leave my cable box plugged up so I don’t lose my place on a show I’m watching.

Should I be able to see lights on at the back of my TV it a bush smart tv

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As frustrating as this is, I have found that changing the picture to Standard also works for me. I have a Vizio 65” tv bought on black Friday 2yrs ago. Just like Jake said, not long after being out of warranty the screen went black with audio. called Vizio and they refused to acknowledge the problem. Thats the last time I buy a Vizio, they are junk.


Update, I have replaced the T.con card on it and while it didn’t fix my problem I noticed a minor improvement. I was able to switch the picture to vivid with the “auto brightness control” set to high and it remained on. For Best picture quality you want this function off and not on high. But this is an improvement over what I had before. If I change the auto brightness control to off, the TV still goes black with audio in the background. The T.Con itself was only $25 at Amazon. So for me worth the investment and keeps me going a little longer.

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Didn't work for me

Try going to menu picture setting and trun off auto brightness or backlight .. I had a similar problem and I fixed it by doing those things .. good luck

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Backlight to 63 works for me. Hold mute for a few seconds if the picture turns black. Then after holding the mute button a few seconds the led on the bottoM of the TVs bezel turns back on press the input button to change the hdmi or other plugged in inputs and it should turn back on for a few more seconds or minutes so you can change the backlight to 63 or whichever sweet spot you pick that works for your tv. 63 isn’t terrible but would be nice to see 100% backlight. You might need to change the led strips or computer chip for the backlight if this continues or gets worse. You won’t be able to take the tv apart it’s virtually impossible without creation tools ormachines to take the tv screen apart properly. These parts cost you around 25-60$ to replace but not sure how much labor would cost you. Estimate price would be around $300-400.00.

good luck everyone.

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63 worked! had it on standard and medium for a long time, then it started acting up again. Thanks!

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Vizio D65u-D2 turned the setting to standard and medium. Issue resolved. If I put it on Vivid, it shuts off again after a few minutes with audio only. Ordered the power supply to see if it allows me to use Vivid setting.

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Don’t waste your time replacing power supply. I did it and it did not help. The only thing that worked is what you listed.

T-con board usually fixes it.

All the things I've seen mentioned to help fix it are all just temporary fixes that will prolong the inevitable but not stop it. The reason everyone has been having trouble with this is because you Leds behind the screen are wearing out and making the power supply go into protect mode. The only true fix for this issue is having all new Leds installed in the unit. I've been repairing tv's for about 5 years now and when I first started the problems were 95% board issues. The last year or so all I've seen was mostly something with the Leds causing the units to either not power on when they shorted out or go to a black screen because they failed in an open state. The only way you can get more than 2 to 3 years out of a tv today would be if you turn the backlight setting down below 80% the first time you watch the set or after replacing the worn out leds.

I just installed all new LED strips and boards. Same issue. Will try with the settings mentioned above.

So I'm having the same issue. My settings are set to standard and medium and have been forever. There doesn't appear to be an actual fix. It's the power board, it isn't the power board, it's the tcon, it isn't the tcon, it's the led lights, it isn't the led lights...??? Anyone have an actual part they've replaced that truly fixed it?

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“Stand it on its side. Don't be afraid if monkeys show up.” --Stanley Kubrick (dictated but not read)

Block Image

Friend gave me his D with black screen…I reduced backlight to 50 ran for 1yr until LEDs burned out. Like slow death.

Stick to P/Q models, still love my P65f1.

Funny thing my ex gave me the first Vizio for bday 2007?. It's like 22” . Weighs like 20 lbs and lasted longer than the marriage. Still running.

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Believe I've figured out the root of the issue being hooking up external audio devices but two of the same vizio 58 inch tvs same problem same time frame static sound followed by the occasional dimming nd black screen have yet to find a way to fix very upset spent over 800 dollars on junk they wont fix I will not be buying another vizio product. Very disappointed

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Late to the party, but wanted to post what worked for me. Our 6 year old 55" Visio started going black several days ago. It would run fine for 20 or 30inutes and then go black. Turn it off for an hour or so and then back on and same thing.

This TV is mounted above a fireplace. I thought it might be overheating from all the visible dust on the back. We took it down this morning and I blew out all the air vents with my air compressor. Reinstalled TV and it has been running fine now for over 8 hours. Maybe something to try. This TV has always had the picture set to "Vivid".

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