High performance tablet computer released by Apple on November 11, 2015. Model A1584.

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Not charging / dead issue


Recently had an iPad pro 12.9 in for repair.

Device is dead customer explained before the device was dead it was stuck at one percent showing charging but not increasing in charge.

Device was completely un-tampered with so that ruled out any issues during a previous repair.

We have tried all the easy options (battery charge port) still no luck!

Today we set about replacing the charge IC (something we do commonly) but still no Joy device powered back up at 1% but still wont charge! Very frustrating!!!

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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Did you try using a different charger? lol

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Hey i'm having EXACTLY the same problem(& i'm pretty !#^&@@ off too).. @TechnicalDifficulties, personally yes i've tried all the common variables .. Hopefully someone here has a solution, plz?

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The trouble I had with this was there is no schematics!

I Finally tracked it down to a faulty filter near to tristar.

Recommend probing around that area and hopefully that helps!

Hope this helps...

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I have the same problem. First repair shop couldn't repair it. Apple warranty has expired. Any idea where I can take it for repair? Thanks.

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If you replaced Tristar and are confident that it was a successful replacement (and a good part!), then the other possibility is the PMIC and associated circuit that has to drive the current. Unfortunately, there is no schematic available so it's hard for me to reference anything for you.

You will either have to probe until you find it (check the coils to see if they are solidly anchored) or outsource it to someone who already has a lot of experience on those devices.

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