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Is it possible to replace the GPU?

I was wondering if ti is possible to replace the GPU (NVidia GeForce GT 330M) on my MBP with the AMD Radeon HD 6490M or even better the 6750m used in the newer MBP?

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For the average person, no. For a highly skilled mad scientist it may be possible, but not feasible.

For gaming the GT330M is a better chip than the HD 6490M anyways. Here is a link to a web page comparing the chips you talk about, including some benchmarks:

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So if I want to improve my graphics I would need a new logic board with the 6750M on it?

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You cannot replace the GPU. And no, you cannot just put in another logic board. Apple's laptops are not designed to be upgradeable... only the RAM and the hard drive. A newer generation's logic board will not be compatible with an older generation computer. In fact, you'll pay about as much as the computer is worth to even buy a new logic board online.

Word of truth: sell your computer and buy the new model. It really is the only solution... and would cost you a lot less than anything else you're suggestion.

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Oke thank you for the information.

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